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Business Video Audit Service

Cost – $47 USD – One Time Payment

What is a business video audit?

The business video audit will go over your business website, online presence, first impressions, offer constructive feedback and suggest opportunities for growth.

The video will be made with the view point of your potential customer in mind and geographic area. This includes, how a customer may find you online, initial first impressions, does website have clear call to actions, is the website easy to use, etc.

Why Does A Business Video Audit Matter?

A business video audit matters because it can offer insight about your website and business that you may be unaware of and you may gain helpful insight as to how you can improve your business. Companies spend thousands of dollars on a website without always thinking about the purpose of the website or how it helps their customers. The business video audit helps offer clarity about you business and reveal huge opportunities.

What are the deliverables?

  • Personalized Video Recording by Nathan van der Most (Optin Digital Founder)
  • 10 minutes
  • Video link sent to your email via loom video software
  • Video produced with 72 hours of payment

What Does The Video Cover?

  • Overall Website Impression
  • Site Load Time
  • Constructive feedback regarding design and experience from your customers perspective.
  • Growth Opportunities